FreedomPop Is Always Offering Services That Are Low-Cost

It may only be after going through a FreedomPop review that a person is privy to all of the information about the company as well as the company’s services. FreedomPop has come a long way in their six years of service, and even after becoming a more popular company, they still offer free services because it’s what put them on the map in the first place. The free cell phone service that many people talk about is still available from FreedomPop and is still free of cost. The only charges that may be associated with the free service is the $10 top up fee that is charged after the data is depleted.


Anyone using either the free service plan or the paid service plan for $10.99 will have a limit of 500 MB of data, which means that once their data shrinks down to 100 MB, they’ll be charged a $10 top up fee if they choose not to turn this automatic feature off. Those who turn off the feature will be subject to a fee of two cents per megabyte, which is automatically charged for any extra data that they use after they’ve depleted the entire 500 MB of data.


Avoiding any charges for data is easy because the user can always choose to use Wi-Fi services to give them free data that is high-speed. FreedomPop is even courteous enough to bring offers as well as surveys to their customers to complete, and anyone who completes these offers will gain more data. Those who don’t want the trouble of buying extra data and don’t want to use Wi-Fi services should switch to the unlimited everything plan at the cost of $19.99 per month because the unlimited everything plan has unlimited data.


With 1 GB of 4G LTE data being offered in the unlimited everything plan, there’s also unlimited 3G data after the depletion of the 4G LTE data, so data will never be a problem with this plan. Those who still want 4G LTE data on their unlimited everything plan can purchase additional data for five dollars for each gigabyte, or using Wi-Fi service will allow for continuous high-speed data. FreedomPop offers a Wi-Fi service for only five dollars every month, and this unlimited service is available in millions of locations and can be used on any cell phone as well as being tethered to many other devices.