Eric Lefkofsky Is On The Verge Of Making Breakthroughs in Precise Cancer Therapies

We all know that advances in computer technologies have helped solve a lot of problems in different sectors of the economy. Some of the industries that have reaped big from the boom in technology include the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Technology has increased efficiency, lowered the cost of production and availed big data that is vital in making decisions.

So how can big data and analytics help in the fight against cancer? Eric Lefkofsky has a right answer for this question. The serial entrepreneur believes that the medical research industry has not made significant steps in leveraging the power of big data. Despite all the efforts that have been laid down to ensure that hospitals implement electronic systems for record keeping, the health sector is not up to date with some of the most revolutionary technologies that have been innovated.

Eric Lefkofsky discovered that doctors need employ different techniques when dealing with ailments such as cancer. After his wife was diagnosed with cancer, Eric was surprised to note that oncologists work with an insufficient amount of molecular and therapeutic data. This realization made him to partner with other stakeholders, and they started Tempus and more information click here.

Tempus is a medical research startup that aims at championing a new era of cancer therapies. These treatments will take into consideration a patient’s molecular data. With this approach, oncologists can be able to come up with data-driven and precise treatments that will be effective in treating cancer and learn more about Eric.

A patient’s genomic information is a critical variable when determining which therapy to administer to them. The process of collecting this data has been around for years with the only challenge being the prohibitive costs that are involved with the procedure. According to Eric Lefkofsky, intensified research in this field intends to bring down the cost of the process and make it affordable to everyone and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky’s approach to cancer treatment hopes to deal with the disease at the cellular and molecular level. Eric is one of the few entrepreneurs with brilliant and disruptive ideas that keep shaping various industries. The success of Tempus will mean that more accurate diagnoses and treatments are made.