End Citizens United Targets California Republicans

Four Republicans from California are being targeted due to their questionable strategies for campaign management and election. The practices of Mimi Walters, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa and Dana Rohenbacher have been arousing suspicion among End Citizens United representatives for some time. They have been under scrutiny due to improper use of campaign funds and the lack of advisable strategies for receiving donations. With more questionable practices in California than in any other state, it is clear that these campaigns may have utilized improper methodology when going through the political process.


End Citizens United has raised more than twenty five point five million dollars in order to support their goals and missions. Much of these funds have been received on the grass roots level and make a big difference in the pursuit of their goals. While End Citizens United would prefer to have legislative decisions and other changes on a federal level, they have consistently played a part in analyzing campaigns at all levels. State and local governments are also under the jurisdiction of existing campaign financing laws.


End Citizens United plays a big part in ensuring that policies are followed and that there are valuable results that can be obtained from all political campaigns. It is important to them to consistently and effectively make decisions that will benefit people in the process of elections, rather than political candidates or their parties. The process of campaigning has been scrutinized by several organizations, however End Citizens United does play an important part in areas that there is gap in research.


They have provided funds and allocated their own organizational efforts to improving campaign finance at large. They want to improve the strategies for practicing political campaigns and to ensure that the proper methods of receiving and using funds are always in place. This is due to the rise of black money or dark sources of funding that may be remaining anonymous. Since End Citizens United is an integral part of the mission to establish better standards of campaigning, these forces are supposed to be identified and properly addressed in order to have the best results going forwards, and follow their Twitter.


Achieving these goals is largely possible due to the revision of the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. Addressing this key change will make a lasting impact on the overall experience of political campaigns and finance enforcement. End Citizens United advocates for change and has supporters at all levels of government. They have improved the outcomes for political figures as well as demonstrated significant changes that have increased the attention to detail that campaign finance officials pay. The results of their long term efforts will ultimately change the way that campaigns are funded and improve regulations for all levels of politics, and http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/.