Dr. Samadi is Transforming Urology

Lenox Hill Hospital has experienced significant change since Dr. David Samadi joined urology. He is the chairman of this field and robotic surgery. Dr. Samadi has a particular passion in the field of robotic surgery. Before coming to Lenox Hill in 2013, he was at Mount Sinai. Dr. Samadi was still the chief of robotic surgery. He also headed the department of urology. Dr. Samadi is a specialist in prostate cancer.

When Dr. Samadi was talking about treating cancer, he gave three options. A patient may choose chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Advanced technology has introduced minimally invasive procedures. Over time, Dr. Samadi has become an expert in them. He has conducted over seven thousand surgeries assisted by a robot. All of them were procedures on prostate.

Besides prostate, Dr. Samadi is also good at bladder and kidney cancers. Since they are also urologic illnesses, Dr. Samadi also treats them. Some of the methods Dr. Samadi uses are laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy. The best approach is determined with the type of illness.

Today, Dr Samadi is a celebrated personality but he has a humble background. His origin is Iran where he grew up until he became a teenager. At such a young age, Samadi and his family had to leave their home country. That movement caused a separation between Samadi and his parents. They were left with his brother and they had to pursue life without the other members.

The separation did not deter the two from achieving their aspirations. They embarked on their studies in Belgium and then London. Eventually, they settled in America. Samadi’s first degree was a scholarship in biochemistry at Stony Broke University. He later joined Albert Einstein College of Medicine and trained in urology. It was during fellowship when he learnt robotic surgery and oncology.

Apart from treating patients, Dr. Samadi authors articles. He talks about topics in his field of expertise. Recently, he was pointing out politicians who are former patients of prostate cancer. They went through treatment and came out successfully. Since then, none of them had a recurrent situation. Colin Powel, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney are patients who all chose surgery.

Today they are living healthy lives and they have resumed their routines. Not many doctors are in urology and doing what Dr. Samadi is doing. He is among the few doctors good at conducting minimally invasive procedures. His hard work and long road of his career has made him who he is.