Doe Deere Talks About Her Success

Doe Deere the creator and mastermind behind the cosmetic company Lime Crime was originally born in Russia. She moved to New York City as a teenager with her family where she resided for many years before moving to California with her husband. Although she is now most notable in the cosmetics industry she originally had an eye and passion for fashion.


Deere opened her very own eBay store way back in 2008 with the intention of selling some of her homemade fashions. She adored bright fun colors and often used them in many of her creations. In order to keep her style and brand as colorful as possible Deere went on a hunt for bright colorful makeup to match her fashion. She found the market did not have much to offer in terms of fun expressive colors such as blues and yellows and other vibrant colors. At that moment Deere switched gears and decided to create her own line of colorful makeup and before long Lime Crime Cosmetics was born.


Deere quickly began selling her bright colorful makeup just a few weeks before Halloween and much to her surprise the company was a hit. Millions of other women were also looking for a way to be more creative and expressive with their looks and makeup. Deere took colors that were not “normal” in the beauty world and made them perfectly acceptable to wear everyday. She took a new approach to makeup. It was no longer just for hiding and concealing things but it was also a way of showing your true colors and expressing exactly who you are through makeup. If you loved bright eccentric colors you no longer had to search desperately for products or feel embarrassed to wear your favorite colors.


Aside from offering non typical colors, packaging and styles Lime Crime is also vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. From the beginning Doe Deere has done her part to ensure every Lime Crime product is free of any and all animals and animal by products. This allows vegans as well as vegetarians the option to use Lime Crime. It is another reason so many people love everything that Lime Crime has to offer.


Over the last 8 plus years Lime Crime has sold millions and millions of products to people all over the world. Women and even men use their products everyday to express themselves. Doe Deere has made so much more than just a makeup product or a makeup company in her time in the beauty industry. She has created a movement about expressing yourself and showing your creativity. For many years she has been helping women and men enjoy being who they are rather than covering themselves up.