Different Ways of Disupting Business That Robert Deignan Describes

Robert Deignan advises people to be very careful who they hire. There are many ways that people who are qualified for a company can disrupt a business. An employee should not be judged on the sole basis on how much work he gets done. There are plenty of other factors that an employee should be judged by. Of course, if the employee is not being productive and getting anything done, he needs to be addressed. However, there are a lot of other challenges that need to be fixed when it comes to business. Some of the disruptive factors in business can actually cause productivity to fall.

One type of employee that can hurt the business is the type that does not fit in with the culture. With what Robert Deignan says, one thing that is a bad sign for the business is having to micro-manage. One of the issues with micro-management is that it takes a lot of time, and everyone including the business owner has responsibilities to take care of for their business. Therefore, Robert Deignan feels he has to micromanage someone, then that individual is not a good fir for the company. There are many different reasons that can call for micromanaging.

Among the issues that every company is going to face according to Robert Deignan are people who don’t respect the time, the efforts and the needs of the company. For instance, there are people who come in late and leave early. Another issue that a business can have is when someone is walking around as if he is better than everyone else. Then there is the control freak who feels the need to boss everyone around and not do any of the work himself. Robert Deignan fortunately, addresses this issue right away and makes sure that it is not going to be a problem for the company as a whole.