CEO of National Steel Car Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a leading entrepreneur in North America. Greg was born in 1949. Greg Aziz has been in the corporate business sector since the 1970s. Currently, he is the CEO of manufacturing company called National Steel Car. It has achieved a lot of success in than any other competitor in the industry. National Steel Car deals with the production of products known as railroad freight cars and tank cars. National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Canada. Gregory James Aziz schooled at the University of Western Ontario. He graduated from the W. Ontario in 1971. Immediately he left class, he joined Affiliated Foods. This is a company that deals with sales of fresh foods. Gregory Aziz worked for Affiliated Foods for almost 16 years. In his time at the helm of this company, he made sure that this company became the best in the country. Affiliated Foods deal with sales of this product to Eastern Canada and the United States. Affiliated Foods used to get its supplies from other continents. His contribution to the company was just great.


Gregory J Aziz bought National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. This company has been very successful. With over a hundred years in the industry. It has been a formidable company that is based on engineering, designing, and manufacturing. The employees of this company have been very key to the success of the company. They have made sure that they produce quality products that satisfy the needs of the consumers. Their ability to provide consumers with great products have been strong for the company. This has enabled National Steel Car to be the leading company in the region. Read More On This Page.



The company has been rewarded for its quality products through the TTX SECO AWARDS. This means that this company has been engaging in activities that are recognized. To show the improvements that it has made, it has won this award multiple times. National Steel Car is now producing more ta 12000 freight cars. It has improved from 3500 cars that it was producing previously. National Steel Car is a top company that has been doing very well and has offered numerous job opportunities in Ontario. National Steel Car has been very helpful to the people of Ontario since it has been an economic booster for the residents. With these jobs, there has been increased development in the sector of infrastructure development. Gregory J Aziz’s innovations have been a total benefit to his people.