Kate Hudson is the talk of e-commerce today. She turned her acting career in for a business career that has both shocked and impressed many. In a world where e-commerce is dominated by big wigs like amazon, she has come up with a new and better way to interact with customers and sell them the […]

When The Huffington Post recently talked about Fabletics, they wanted people to know they were doing things the way that every other company in the fashion industry should do them. Fabletics had been so successful because they were able to cater to people while also running a successful business. Not only had they made a […]

Since the evolution of the Internet, customers have always used comparison shopping to find the best product at most reasonable price. Once a customer finds a certain product, it is not uncommon for them to try the product in physical storefronts before buying it. According to a recent Harris Interactive Poll, nearly 70 percent of […]