Have you ever been sexually assaulted? Obviously, this is a rhetorical question, but many people may answer this as a positive. To these people, the last things on their mind after an event like this is legal retribution. Their thoughts most likely resemble a whirlwind of fear, confusion, anger and even self-loathing. These poor, shattered […]

The name Ricardo Tosto has a very deeper meaning when it’s mentioned in the whole of Brazil. He is a law icon of the land and has handled sensitive cases for Brazilians. He is one of those brains behind the Brazilian law revolution. Ricardo is a graduate of the Mackenzie University with a Bachelors of […]

The compulsory Brazilian Capitals Abroad annual declaration (CBE ANNUAL) was closed on April 5. Apparently, this is not the end of other declaration because the quarterly statements ought to be submitted throughout the year. Non-submission of the CBE reports on the due dates or inclusion of errors, false or incomplete information in the declaration may […]

Finding a good lawyer is one of the most crucial parts of winning a court case and a lawyer can make or break your plea, deciding your fate. Since people mostly come to lawyers in times of crisis, there is a lot resting on the shoulders of your lawyer, making it essential to have a […]