Bridget Scarr – Creative Executive Producer From The UK

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer and writer who has a high affinity for creating compelling content that extends across different platforms, including virtual reality, television, digital content, interactive exhibition and augmented reality. Most of her writing projects resonate emotionally and intellectually with audiences. Bridget Scarr is also a seasonal executive producer with more than 15 years of experience in production, animation, television, and advertising. As an executive producer, Scarr is responsible for overseeing the technical production and creative development of teams in several areas such as entertainment, factual entertainment, lifestyle, spanning drama, and children’s animation.

Bridget Scarr is the current Executive Creative Producer of Colibri Studios. She is the one who is responsible for partnership, strategies, and content development. As an executive member of Colibri Studios, Bridget is also involved with the daily development programs of the company, which include collaborations with project partners and international partners. Bridget likes to bring peoples talents and ideas to life, and this is one of the reasons why she came up with Colibri Solutions. When she founded Colibri Studios, Scarr wanted a place where she can put her ideas into use. Colibri Studios is the place where Bridget Scarr brings her ideas to life under different umbrellas, including traditional television projects, exhibition projects, augmented reality, virtual reality, and digital content.

As a creative producer and writer, the typical day of Bridget start with a little meditation. Bridget believes that through meditation she get energized and remained focus on her daily activities. According to Mrs. Scarr, ideas can only come to life depending on their nature and inspiration. For example, some projects can combine both scripted and factual elements. Also, there are projects, which are stories about real people from diverse cultures and unique community backgrounds. When dealing with different projects, you must look into how technology can bring the aspect of every project into the reality of the audience.

Bridget Scarr was brought up in London and attended Rhodes University, from where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree. Her journey to the entrepreneurship world started when her Husband lost his job. She typically works hard to create businesses that provide creative and talented individuals with the home for creating original content. Currently, Madam Bridget is concerned with the development and production of materials that she loves. Mrs. Scarr prefers contents that are virtually rich, can encourage the mind, and stir the soul as well.


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