Brad Reifler’s Thoughts on How The Ballot Box Will Affect the Economy


With a little over two weeks remaining to the voting day, the political temperatures are really high. That’s why financial advisor Brad Reifler, famous for founding Forefront, is looking at how things could be set to change. The only question that many Americans are asking themselves is how their personal lives will be affected by the choice they make for president. Well, in case you haven’t decided where to cast your vote, here is an objective look at how each of the candidates would impact the economy upon election to the Whitehouse.

Taxation at different income levels

Brad Reifler notes that both Clinton and Trump have promised that they will simplify the tax code. However, they propose different ways of doing the same. Clinton on one hand states that her main ideas are aimed at people that are making at least a million dollars as income. However, there are a few ways in which her laws will impact the average citizen.

Trump on the other hand wants to condense the tax brackets to a handful of income levels. He will reduce the deductions that married people make and he will streamline the rules that are in place which only target the upper middle class.

About Child care

Both candidates seem to agree on the policy that affects child care. They both want to come up with more subsidies for families that are bringing up children in order to manage the childcare cost.

Estate tax

Trump on one hand sys that he will repeal the entire estate tax. On the other hand, he wants to increase the amount gotten from capital gin taxes while at the same time offsetting the costs for small scale farmers and businesses.

About Author Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has been the CEO at Forefront Capital for the past seven years. He is one of the renowned serial entrepreneurs in the country. He is a former founder and CEO at Pali, a job that he took up after leaving Refco. Refco acquired the very first firm Brad Reifler opened, Reifler Trading Company.  Brad is well known for taking on the topic of big banks, and you can read more about that in one of his really helpful Buzzfeed articles, found here.


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    For instance, capital gains are normally calculated depending on one’s income levels, under her law, the length of time that one has been earning will also be a determinant of how they are taxed. These could be the only reason why do have what it takes to make these things come to pass.

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