Bernardo Chua Brings Ganoderma Mushrooms To America

Being raised in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua learned a lot from his parents and grandparents about the medicinal properties of certain herbs that were grown there. His grandparents taught him how to use the ganoderma mushroom in teas and coffees in order to purify his body of toxins. These mushrooms had been used in the Philippines for many years and they were found to be very effective. As he grew older, he realized that there was a genuine market for the products produced with the ganoderma mushroom. He began to market them across the country and his products soon became one of the top sellers there. Visit for more details

He worked for Gano Excel for many years building their customer base to include clients in all of Asia and Canada. He soon realized there could be a market for them in the United States and moved his family to California. He built a team of people in the company and marketed the products his company produced to outlets around the United States. Ganoderma mushroom products began to pop up in many retail stores in almost all of the country. Bernardo Chua changed the name of the company to Organo when he recognized the increase in popularity of organic products.

He worked with local farmers in order to begin producing the mushrooms locally that he could use in his factories. The company soon branched out to other organically grown herbs that have been used in many of their products. Coffee, tea and many other dietary supplements are now available from Organo. The products have been selling in the millions and have been discussed by many alternative medicine journals. Bernardo Chua continues to tour the country in order to teach people about the uses of herbal supplements in their diets to bring about good health. He is dedicated to educating as many people as he can about them. He also looks to add more and more nutrient based products to his companies brand.

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