Ara Chackerian Says Forestry Management and Conservation of Wildlife Are Two Sides of a Coin

Ara Chackerian has been pushing the forestry conservation efforts for over two decades now. He is a forestry and general wilderness conservation consultant in Michigan. Ara Chackerian helps to create awareness about the need to conserve the wilderness. He observes that contrary to what some people and countries believe, conservation is a balancing act that involves harvesting the wilderness resources for use by humans and helping the same wilderness to grow in diversity. Therefore, harvesting and harnessing resources such as trees in a responsible way are part of conservation.



Conservation for Posterity



Ara Chackerian emphasizes the need to conserve the wild for purposes of benefiting the present day generation while ensuring that the future generations also inherit the invaluable resource. Ara Chackerian highlights some of the benefits of the wilderness including recreational benefits, resources such as timber, medicine and a peaceful retreat for reflection. He also notes that the wild is a destination of choice for many athletic pursuits. The conservation expert offers consultancy in his area of work and provides researched techniques and tools to carry out conservation in the most beneficial way to the present and future generations. He says that forestry conservation calls for focused techniques to ensure that the forests thrive and remain a comfortable home for a diverse range of wildlife. He notes that there is a need to develop mechanisms to prevent hazards of the wilderness including forest fires, storms, and drought. Such conservation often needs planning and resource allocation. The conservation efforts and programs in a location such as Michigan must be tailored in such a way that they account for both human activity and wildlife existence and survival.



Some Unique Wilderness Environments and the Wildlife Supported



According to the wilderness and forest conservation expert, Ara Chackerian, the type of wilderness determines the conservation approach and the uses for such wilderness. He emphasizes that the wilderness must be responsibly explored for the benefit of humans. He insists that the wilderness is there for a purpose. He points out that wilderness with spread out trees is the ideal place for camping and watching birds. Such a place isn’t the best for wildlife, for example. Ara Chackerian observes that there is a need to involve the public and the local communities in the conservation plans. You can visit for more info.