Bridget Scarr is a creative producer and writer who has a high affinity for creating compelling content that extends across different platforms, including virtual reality, television, digital content, interactive exhibition and augmented reality. Most of her writing projects resonate emotionally and intellectually with audiences. Bridget Scarr is also a seasonal executive producer with more than […]

Gregory Aziz is the name of quality in rail freight car making with consistently high-quality products from his National Steel Car. He is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the market leader in railcar manufacturing and engineering services firm. Gregory James Aziz is committed to quality service since he bought the company in […]

National Steel car are a Hamilton, Ontario based freight car engineering and manufacturing company, one of the largest in the world, as well as one of the oldest. Going strong since 1912, National Steel Car are acknowledged as a world leader in designing and manufacturing cutting edge products for the railroad industry. At it’s head […]

The name Ricardo Tosto has a very deeper meaning when it’s mentioned in the whole of Brazil. He is a law icon of the land and has handled sensitive cases for Brazilians. He is one of those brains behind the Brazilian law revolution. Ricardo is a graduate of the Mackenzie University with a Bachelors of […]

After 80 years, Mexico has made a move that will be written in the history books of oiling industry in this country. Since they nationalized their oil industry in 1938, company called “Petroleos Mexicanos” has had a country-wide monopoly over this market. Now, the country opened its doors for 2 foreign drilling companies to come […]

Orange Coast College (OCC) is one of the top three community colleges in Orange County. It is located in Costa Mesa, California. The learning institution prides itself in providing the best education facilities to its students. So when it recently embarked on constructing a new $20 million planetarium, it came as no surprise anyone. The college […]