Stream Energy has a successful business in marketing their energy through direct sales marketing and has been an established company with many resources. However, being successful isn’t the only thing they take pride in. Among the local businesses in the Dallas area, they are the most passionate about providing hope for the children and families […]

You can see the stock for Equities First Holdings under the name of the Uganda Securities Exchange on the Nairobi Securities Exchange starting in 2009 according to the Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Page. Equities First Holdings was originally known as Equitiy Bank Group in the Kenya region and has always been the largest bank in […]

Adam Milstein is known for his many generous contributions to the Israeli-American community. He and his wife Gila have founded several non-profit organizations that have helped countless families around the world. Adam Milstein and his family moved to the United States in 1981 and he soon managed to earn an MBA from the prestigious UCLA […]

Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan and attended Holland Christian High School, which is a private school. As a young adult, she studied at Calvin College, which is a private Christian college in Michigan. The town she grew up in highly favored private and charter schools, and the combination of all of these things […]

Entrepreneurship is a skill that has been tried out by many people all over the world, but only a few succeed. Dr. Mark Mckenna stands out as one of the entrepreneurs with extraordinary achievements. He is a man who has proved to be unshaken by failure, whenever he fails, he dusts off and moves forward. […]

Louis Chenevert was Born in Montreal Quebec. He wanted to grow up being a very successful man and he really had his heart and his mind set to what he really wanted to achieve in life. He gained interest in 1958 to become an entrepreneur at a very young age. He was aware of all […]

It’s the mark of a good company if its CEO is able to withstand the challenges and competition while it’s still able to create a product supported and enjoyed by many people. One of these companies that have shown outstanding leadership is no other than the cosmetic company and brand, Lime Crime. It is now […]

The Real Real began in 2012. The company is a reseller of high-end items for women, men, and designer home goods and accessories. The company just landed $50 million in private funding for an expansion of the company. With this $50 million in financing for development, this brings Real Real total funding around 173 million […]

Doe Deere, unapologetically rebellious and unique, founded a line of cosmetics for those longing to have an aesthetic that stands out. This line of cosmetics is called Lime Crime and it is completely cruelty-free! In 2008, Doe Deere sought out to create cosmetics that were not only cruelty-free, but so unique that it would give […]